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About Us .

quality - friendliness - simplicity

We are a team of professionals developing the highest quality end-to-end eCommerce solutions since 2017. We are trusted by many companies from Europe, North America, and the CIS.

We value the all-round development and comfort of the team. We also strive for each employee of the company to be a professional in their field. And we invest all possible resources in the self-development of our colleagues.

The main areas of activity are complex development and technical support of Magento 2 and other websites: server setup, front- and back-end development, integration, performance optimization, support, and monitoring.

We have high requirements for the quality of our work. We are proud of our results and set great goals. We have many interesting projects and areas that we want to develop. Today there are 18 people in the team, but we want to grow further and conquer new heights.

We'll be glad to talk with you.