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The Core Values .

In our company, we have our own unique set of core values. These core values define us as a team, dictate our job ethics and communication culture.

Here are the core values we possess . Friendliness, Self Development, Good Perfectionism.

Our first core value is Friendliness. We want our clients to feel heard and valuable. We try to relate to all the issues a business may have as it's our own. We don't just fix errors or implement new features - we help our clients to prosper and their businesses strive. We want every employee to feel welcomed and respected. The workplace must be a place where you always feel good, and your co-workers are not only top-notch experts but also friendly people helping each other.

"Friendliness is free outpouring the influence from love for the entire surrounding world"
shellpea team

Our second core value is Self Development. IT grows rapidly. And to be the best IT company in the world, each one of our employees must grow personally to a higher skilled engineer or manager. The self-development process must never stop, and significant growth must happen each year. We believe that highly skilled developers and managers should become a competitive edge for our clients.

shellpea team

Good Perfectionism is our third core value. We want to provide the best software development services in the world. We want our clients to have the best systems they may have within the designated budget and timeframe. Our perfectionism is not blind, but it's always with deadlines and budgets in mind. Our goal is to build an agile software development process and to develop easily modifiable software, so it consistently fits the ever-changing market requirements.

shellpea team

In our daily job, we strive to keep up with the high standard we set for ourselves, and we hope it makes the life of our clients and co-workers easier and happier.

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